Who is Eligible for this Incentive?

In order to receive the Military Appreciation Incentive, you must meet one of the following requirements:

  • Active:
    Active Military Personnel in the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, Coast Guard NationalGuard, Reservists Serving on Active Duty and members of the Delayed Entry/EnlistmentProgram (DEP). This includes Spouses and Surviving Spouses

  • Veterans:
      A person who served in the active military, naval, or air service, and who wasdischarged or released there from under conditions other than dishonorable. Must be within 24months of separation.

  • Retirees:
    A military retiree is any member or former member of the uniformed services who isentitled, under statute, to retire or retirement (this typically requires 20 years of service). Theywill receive a pension as a retiree. This also includes those with a medical retirement.

  • National Guard and Honor Guard:
    These individuals would be eligible under the currentbranch of service that they serve (Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, Coast Guard).

  • Reservists:
    Must be on orders to deploy or were a veteran within 24 months of separation.

Not Eligible for this Incentive:

  • Active Ready Reserve or Selected Reserve:
    An individual of the Ready Reserve or SelectedReserve is required to complete a specified number of drill periods per year by reporting to theirreserve unit and completing the prescribed training. They are also required to complete a twoweek period of job-specific training. They only become active when they get orders to deploy.These individuals have completed their term of service and are eligible as a Veteran or RetiredStatus for this promotion only. Some individuals may not be eligible because they have notcompleted their active status and have not achieved their Veteran status yet.

  • Inactive Ready Reservists (IRR):
    An individual assigned to the IRR typically receives no pay andis not obligated to drill, conduct annual training, or participate in any military activities (exceptfor periodic Muster activities) until activated by Presidential Reserve Call up Authority or untilelecting to drill, train, or serve in a "Drill without Pay" or an "Active Duty" role. Having previouslyserved or retired, they would be eligible as a Veteran or Active Status during this promotiononly.

  • Standby Reserve:
    An individual that maintains their military affiliation without being in theReady Reserve. The Standby Reserve consists of two components: the Active Status List and theInactive Status List. For soldiers who do not choose whether or not to stay in the Active Reserve,they are added to the Standby reserve. Membership in the Standby Reserves is limited to oneyear, after which they must determine if they are transferring to the IRR or to an active drillingunit..

  • State Guard:
    Also known as State defense forces are military units that operate under the soleauthority of a state government; they are partially regulated by the National Guard, but they arenot a part of the US Military forces. State defense forces are authorized by state are under thecommand of the governor of each state. Not all states have State Guard organizations and theyare not typically considered "military" under the industry standards. State Guards cannot befederalized (they would never fall under the Department of Defense) and are completelyseparate entities from the United States Armed Forces. Therefore not eligible for this program.

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*Military Appreciation Cash offer is only valid for the customer named on the certificate. This offer is transferable within the customer's immediate household. For use on sales to individuals only; may not be used on commercial sales unless stated eligible in the program rules. Certificates may be used toward the retail purchase or lease of an eligible Ford or Lincoln vehicle. Only one certificate may be applied per household, per vehicle  purchase or lease. Take new retail delivery from U.S. Ford or Lincoln dealer stock by 01/02/2020. Not available on Mustang Shelby GT350®, Mustang Shelby® GT350R, Mustang BULLITT, Focus RS, F-150 Raptor, Lincoln Navigator, Lincoln Aviator and Lincoln Aviator GT. Must take new retail delivery from dealer stock by January 2, 2020. Limit of 5, for U.S. residents only. See dealer for complete details and eligibility.